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August, 2020 (Vol. 14, Issue 16)
Coping With the COVID-19 Crisis: Who Needs Our Help the Most?

Emotional health is declining during the pandemic, between work stoppages, social restrictions, and general fear and uncertainty. But is one age group suffering more than another? The answer might surprise you.

Diet 101

A War You Can Win: 9 Ways to Make Better Food Choices

Common Knee Injuries, Uncommon Sense

Smart Steps to Avoid Surgery

Energy Boost

Running on Empty: When Fatigue Stops You in Your Tracks

Medicine Cabinet Dangers

Acid Suppressants Linked to Fracture Risk

Step Your Way to a Longer Life

People who exercise consistently often outlive people who generally don't exercise. But it's even more simple than that, according to new study findings: People who walk more than others are more likely to outlive them.

A Better Way to a Better Day

Living in the moment is often a foreign concept in this fast-paced digital world. Years go by in the blink of an eye until one day, you realize just how much happiness you missed out on. But you can change that distressing picture - starting today.

Antibiotics: Bad News for Baby

Even short courses of antibiotics during the first year of life can disrupt the intestinal microbiome (something antibiotics are known to do). In the case of infants, this can lead to inflammatory bowel disease when they're older.

Preventing Dementia: 12 Tips

Are 40 percent of dementia cases attributable to 12 risk factors? Yes, say the experts, and many of the factors are modifiable.

Go Plant-Based for Your BP

Plant-based diets reduce your risk of high blood pressure – even when you include some occasional meat and dairy in your meal plan.

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