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July, 2017 (Vol. 11, Issue 15)
Beating Back Pain: Get Moving

Back pain is bothersome enough when it only lasts a short time; when it keeps coming back or doesn't go away, it can change your life. Of course, that's where spinal adjustments by your chiropractor can help. But your chiropractor's probably told you other things can help, particularly in conjunction with spinal adjustments. Exercise is one of them, and research continues to prove it.

Weight-Loss Win

3 Tips to Help Tip the Scales (in the Right Direction)

Cancer Killers: Antioxidant Defense

Fighting Cancer Naturally


Growing Up With Antiobiotics = Growing Up With Asthma?

Ergonomics 101: Sit or Stand?

Strategies to Improve Workplace Health

The Ratio That Matters for Chronic Disease

In recent years, we have been told to increase consumption of omega-3 and omega-6 fats. Unlike other types of fats, the human body cannot manufacture these fats on their own and need to be consumed in the diet. Let's examine these fats and why their ratio is critical when it comes to chronic disease.

The Big 7 for Heart Health: Start Counting

OK, let's make heart health simple, particularly if you're getting up in years and are a bit worried (since heart problems generally take awhile to manifest): The more of these seven behaviors you adopt, the more likely you are to a) live longer; b) suffer fewer heart attacks and strokes – no matter how old you are.

Concussions Linked to Menstrual Irregularities

Concussions can cause symptoms including memory loss, headaches, dizziness / balance issues, and more. And in the long term, growing evidence suggests they may be connected to cognitive decline. But here's a symptom you probably didn't consider: menstrual irregularities in young women.

An Education in Exercise

There's a great deal of misinformation out there regarding exercise. Let's fix that now. It's time to get the most out of your workout.

A Simple Way to Lower Obesity Risk

New research suggests even people who don't get adequate sleep during the week can compensate for it and protect their health.

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