Movement based myofascial trigger point release is an adjuntive therapy which focuses on the release of muscular tension and intramuscular adhesions. These adhesions can occur as the result of overuse (repetitive strain or microtrauma) as well as both acute and chronic injury. This muscular release is accomplished by applying concentrated pressure to the localized regional dysfunction (adhesion) and then putting the musculature through a range of motion. The goal of myofascial trigger point release is to restore optimal motion and function of the musculature through the manual removal of localized fibrosis or adhesions (ie. trigger points) within the region.

What types of conditions is movement based myofascial trigger point release utilized?

This type of myofascial release is effective in the treatment of a variety of conditions which includes: headache, back and neck pain, shin splints, shoulder pain, tennis and golfer's elbow. These are just some examples of the types of muscular conditions that benefit from this technique.

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